Chapter Twenty-Six – The Fire Of Abolitionist Passion (2)
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down at the warm bread roll and the cloth covered butter. “Thank you for this.”

“I was not happy with the way we parted last time. I know I should have been honest with you and told you at once about Miss Simmons’ marriage.”

“I appreciate what you tried to do,” Fotherby whispered. “I might even have tried to do the same, had our roles been exchanged.”

“Let us make a promise to one another, Fotherby. I shall be honest with you from this moment on, for I know I cost you your profession and your happiness by withholding the news of Kitty Simmons’ wedding.”

“And I shall be honest with you, also,” Fotherby promised as he smiled across.

“I have to be at the drill hall by nine o’clock,” Portlan...

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