Chapter Twenty-Six – The Fire Of Abolitionist Passion (1)
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Although Fotherby’s uncle did not tell his brother about the events in Buxton, Fotherby could not bear the deceit of concealing it from him. His father seemed unsurprised to discover such behaviour and this only deepened the young doctor’s feeling of guilt. He sought for any form of penance, but he could not free himself from the disappointment he felt he had brought on the other two gentlemen in the house. It came as little surprise to any of them then, when four days later, Fotherby announced his intention to return to Buxton to hear the lecture that Thomas Garton was giving.

“Be careful, Henry,” his father muttered as he held his son’s head in his hands. He was still confined to his room and seemed uncertain about leaving it now.

Fotherby kissed the old man’s hand an...

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