Chapter Twenty-Five – The Service At Saint Bride’s (2)
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will tell your father what messages Mr. Wesley is sending from heaven? I know I shall not attend.”

“You may have to,” Fotherby replied calmly, ignoring the flippant scorn of his uncle. “I am ordered to the Mediterranean. And I shall have to leave at once.”

“I shall be sorry to see you go, my boy,” his uncle said gently. “It has been good to have someone to talk with.”

“I shall be sorry to leave, too. But I hope to be back within the year. Keep Father safe for me.”

“As long as you keep yourself safe, Henry.”

Fotherby left as swiftly as he had promised, although he spared enough time to pen a letter to his friend, Portland, informing him that he was briefly returning to London before travelling to the thea...

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