Chapter Twenty-Four – A Missing Surgeon (2)
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although he did not mention John Johnson, of Lieutenant Kitson’s attitude towards him, and of Sergeant Simmons’ court martial. Finally he relayed the events of yesterday and how he had spent the night walking through the city.

“There is little wonder you are exhausted,” Portland said softly as Fotherby concluded the tale. “Then you wish to leave London at once? You cannot. Winter is cruel to travellers, and I suspect that your carriage will not have waited for you in London. You must stay here for a time.”

Portland would not accept a refusal and instructed Chilvers that Captain Fotherby was not to leave London, and that he should have every care attended to. Chilvers, whose memory so often slipped, was as diligent in care as he could be and, subsequently, Fotherby spent two...

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