Chapter Twenty-Four – A Missing Surgeon (1)
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After spending a night in the open air of the city of London, unsure where he was and unsure where he was going, Fotherby sat on a low window ledge of a house and watched the comings and goings of the city people. Some were wheeling carts through the streets, and they called to him, but he dismissed them with a wave of the hand as Captain Peters had so often done to him. Others were hurriedly walking to work, or to the shops. None of these people even looked at him until one came and demanded he left for he was infringing on their custom. This Fotherby did dutifully and proceeded to walk on, his eyes falling closed as he stumbled and on one occasion he was almost struck by a cart.

He came to places he knew and stared at them with sorry eyes, remembering better times and more carefree responsib...

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