Chapter Twenty-Three – An Unacceptable Match (4)
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down from the carriage and walked up to the door, knocking upon it and waiting for it to be opened. Finally it was opened by a woman he did not know and she stood looking critically at him.

“Is Miss Simmons home?” he asked, trying to ignore the icy glare she gave him. The woman did not respond, but sniffed disdainfully before stepping back to allow him entrance. Fotherby followed her as she walked into the sitting room where Miss Simmons sat, an expression of angry confusion on her face.

“Why are you here, Captain Fotherby?” she demanded.

“May I speak with you in private, Miss Simmons?” he asked softly, turning slightly toward the woman who stood behind him.

“Miss Allen is my good friend,” Kitty replied. “Was it not you who suggested I s...

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