Chapter Twenty-Three – An Unacceptable Match (2)
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found him only more infuriating.

He descended the staircase two hours later, sparing a second to look out over the courtyard where the lamplight filtered out, to the snow topped hills which seemed to glow in the distance. The dining room was set with three places, although a fourth chair rested beside his father’s seat. Three candlesticks, each with five candles, were placed along the table and a fire burned in the hearth, but the gas lights were not lit and the room danced in the flickering candle light. Fotherby felt a sense of trial as he sat down and awaited his uncle’s further criticism of his choice of wife, but it was not this which made the meal difficult. The full extent and impact of his father’s condition had not occurred to Fotherby until he witnessed him being fed like a child by...

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