Chapter Twenty-Two– The Fall Of A Noble Family (3)
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the other servants laughed as Fotherby blushed. “You cannot hide anything from a servant, sir.”

“I am beginning to realise. But I am afraid that the news I carry to Miss Simmons is not the news she will want to hear.”

“You must come back tonight, sir, for we wish to know how you fare today.”

Fotherby assured him that he would and stepped out into the streets of Mayfair. The early morning sky was still dark, and the streets were quiet. The dawning of the new century seemed to have been missed by many, but for some their business would not permit them a holiday. Fotherby walked on, forming the words in his head that he longed to say to Miss Simmons but, as he reached the door to the small house, they all fled from his mind. He stepped forward and knocked light...

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