Chapter Twenty-One – An Old Feud With A New Victim (4)
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whimpered like a child.

“I am going to the court martial,” Fotherby announced with no sympathy. “Get yourself plenty to drink, Kitson, it is the best cure for what ails you.”

“More drink?” Kitson asked doubtfully before he continued. “Why do you care so much about this trial? You said it was not your sweetheart’s brother.”

“No. It is her father.”

Kitson lifted his hand to his face before turning from his captain. “Good luck, Fotherby. I hope you get the result you deserve.”

Fotherby walked out of the room and through the corridors of the fort. The prospering East India Company reflected its wealth with the expansion and decoration of Fort William. Indeed, one of the commanders who had accompanied the army at Seringapatam...

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