Chapter Twenty-One – An Old Feud With A New Victim (3)
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and stopped as his gaze rested on the man Simmons had struck. It is true that any favourable looks he might have benefited from were now paled. Kitson’s assessment of the crooked nose and his squint jaw had been accurate, but his eyes burnt brightly and vehemently as he looked across at Fotherby.

“Sir,” Fotherby called out and walked over to him. “I trust you are in better health than when I last saw you.”

“It would seem that way, would it not, Captain Fotherby.”

“I understand that you know me already, sir. But I am at a loss for I do not know your name.”

“My name is Sutton, Captain. I formerly served with that good friend of yours, Portland, before his savage wife caused his premature promotion.”

Fotherby stared in surpris...

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