Chapter Twenty – The Storming of Seringapatam (3)
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conflict of the day is over and we have won, for I am certain we shall win, come and find me in the city. Do not sit here in the tent waiting to be called. Come and find me, for I shall be ready to go home.”

“We are always the last ones to leave,” Fotherby replied, indicating to Kitson to emphasise who he was talking about. “But I shall come and find you, the moment my duty here is finished.”

“Thank you, Fotherby. I have always thought to trust you. Although when I found out about your Mayfair friends and your uncle I admit to being surprised.”

“What of my uncle?” Fotherby asked around a confused smile. He recalled the last words Cassandra had spoken to him regarding his uncle and her surprise to find him agreeable.

“You know of his p...

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