Chapter Nineteen – The Death And Life Of John Johnson (4)
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be returning to Mysore, nor to the British army.”


“But, sir,” Fotherby began.

“Do not sound like a pathetic schoolboy, Fotherby. It is time that you rose to the challenge you have been set.” Peters made no attempt to soften his tone, but his words became kinder. “You have an unparallelled skill in your work, and your sickening morals make you unimpeachable, and your adherence to duty is unquestionable. I would not trust this to Kitson, for when his moods take him he is as likely to sell any information for the cost of a drink. So when I, as John Johnson, sent his final letter to the good major, I ensured that Wellesley would promote you over Kitson. Do not let him bully you.”

“I am quite certain he shall, sir, and I am equally certain t...

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