Chapter Nineteen – The Death And Life Of John Johnson (2)
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much of the journey, which lasted four months as they travelled around Africa to avoid Napoleon’s forces on the Nile, Fotherby was alone. He stared across the endless blue spread of the southern ocean and recalled how young and untroubled he had been when last he made this journey. He looked down at the thin circle of metal that formed one third of his mother’s ring and wondered what the keepers of the other two thirds were doing. Miss Simmons had one part and her father had the final third, being the gentleman who was witness to their betrothal. When he had been in London, Fotherby had ensured that he had seen Kitty and had promised that on his return he should marry her at once, for there was money to make on campaigns and he suspected his father may no longer be alive when he did return to England.


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