Chapter Eighteen - An Unbearable Guilt (4)
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“Mother,” Cassandra said angrily. “Our father is dead. I will not go out into the night to look for a ghost. If he walks abroad it is because you have summoned him with your reluctance to let him go.”

“How dare you talk to me in such a manner, girl?” she demanded, striking her daughter across the cheek. Portland stepped forward and gently coaxed his mother away from his sister. “It was Harris. My dear Harry. He is out there with your father.”

“Very well,” Cassandra replied, rubbing her cheek and glaring across at her mother. “I shall go search. But when I find no one there I shall have you locked away. For it is you who has poisoned this family since Father’s death. You willed Delphi to die, and it was you who persuaded...

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