Chapter Seventeen - Strawberries and Whisky (2)
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I shall have to go and find her,” Mrs. Tenterchilt said softly.

Her husband watched as she walked through the crowd and then he turned to his friend and walked over to him. Colonel Pottinger lifted the glass he held to him as he approached.

“Major Tenterchilt,” he called. “Sir, I did not know I should see you here.”

“Indeed, I live quite close now.”

“Of course,” Major Brentwood said softly. “Pottinger told us of your predicament.”

“How do you enjoy Scotland?” Pottinger asked.

“More than I had thought to. And I have been fortunate to secure my position even in this remote corner of the world.”

It felt peculiar to Major Tenterchilt to be amongst his comrades once more, but he was pleased t...

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