Chapter Sixteen - The Confession Of The Guilty (1)
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Fotherby bade his friend farewell and journeyed on to the capital. He reached London the following day and went immediately to Lord Barrington’s house to share his news. He had been correct in his assessment of how the news was received. Despite the offer of board, which Chilvers repeated, Fotherby declined and found lodgings closer to those of the one person who had occupied his every thought.

“I have missed you, Henry,” Kitty began as she leaned on his arm while they walked through the streets. “It might only have been half a year, but it has seemed like an eternity. Is Cornwall as enchanting as Lady Barrington described it?”

“I am afraid it is. There are wicked tricks there that I can only put down to magic.”

Kitty’s face paled as she took in his word...

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