Chapter Fifteen– The Poetic Judgement And Justice (6)
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him and wept onto his chest. He remained still, unsure what etiquette dictated in such a situation but being content to place his hand upon her back in a comforting gesture.

After several minutes Portland rose to his feet and, clinging to his wife, left the room. Cassandra, after begging that Fotherby forgive her impropriety, left the room too, though she was in such a daze that he was not sure she knew the words that she spoke nor the actions that she made. Stepping over to the window, Fotherby opened it wide and took in a deep breath of the April air. The sun was hidden behind white clouds that threatened no rain but moved with great speed as the wind whipped them. Keen to empty his thoughts of the events of the morning he began counting the leaves on the branches that stretched up the great height of...

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