Chapter Fifteen– The Poetic Judgement And Justice (4)
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sleep, Doctor. Each time I lie back I cannot breathe. Will you stay by me?”

Fotherby nodded, feeling he was unable to deny anything to the young woman who was approaching so prematurely the conclusion of her earthly life. He lifted the feather pillows behind her, watching as she sat back, allowing her to leave her bony fingers on his wrist as she used his steady pulse as a lullaby. When in this way she had fallen asleep, he placed her hand on the bed and left the room.

He recalled, as he silently closed the painted door, that he was in a house he did not know and that the hour was so late that sleep had claimed the house as well as the inhabitants. He tried to recall where Lady Barrington had guided him and he was able to trace his steps down to the hall once more. There was st...

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