Chapter Fourteen - Betrayal By A Black Lady (4)
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on a hook, he guided her up the stairs to the lawyer’s office. “For I wished to thank you in person for your invitation. I was sorry my father and I were unable to attend the party. Since my mother’s death he has scarcely left this office.”

“I was very sorry to hear of it,” Mrs. Tenterchilt said softly.

He bowed his head slightly but offered no reply. Instead he pushed open a door and stood back to allow Mrs. Tenterchilt to enter. “I shall leave you then, Mrs. Tenterchilt.” He closed the door and walked back down the stairs.

“Good morning, Mrs. Tenterchilt,” began the old man who sat at a wide desk. He struggled to push himself to his feet, but stopped as she began talking.

“Please, Mr. Dermot, do not rise on my behalf. For...

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