Chapter Fourteen - Betrayal By A Black Lady (2)
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I have a wife. She lives all year in Wales, for she has no interest in London, and has no wish to encounter those who usurped our titles.”

“Lord Barrington was very courteous when he attended Chanter’s House,” the major replied as he looked down at his hand. “And Lady Barrington, too.”

“Lord and Lady Barrington,” Bryn-Portland hissed. “They are children playing games, nothing more. And she is a savage at best.”

Pottinger, pleased to have a conversation to carry his thoughts from the events of the day, watched on with an amused smile.

“Are you an abolitionist, Major?” asked Kildare.

“My politics are answerable to the king, sir. But I am given to say once more that Lady Barrington, black or no, presented herself favourably.&r...

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