Chapter Twelve - An Excursion To Buxton (5)
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not often, but on days like today,” she began, “I wonder if it would not have been better if I had been born a slave and died a slave.”

“No man or woman should be a slave to another. Portland would be lost without you.”

“He would not have my cause to fight. Indeed, he should not have inherited Barrington Manor or any of the worries and cares that it is built upon. And you should not be in this position now. Fotherby, you have no pistol to fight a duel. And you have peace in your heart, not conflict.”

“You are right, but I do not recant any word I said. Nor should you wish for another outcome to the one you have. For you have a right to it.”

Portland was gone for almost two hours, but to the poor surgeon it felt like an et...

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