Chapter Twelve - An Excursion To Buxton (3)
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your friends would give Carter such anxiety?”

“I can think of nothing, Father. Except, perhaps the hour of their arrival.” Fotherby offered no further explanation but rushed into the drawing room. Portland, who had helped his wife to a chair, turned at his arrival and smiled across at his friend.

“It is so good of you to invite us, Fotherby,” he began, but stopped as Fotherby laughed.

“It is you who have been good to visit. I hope you both enjoy Wanderford Hall.”

“I love it already, Lieutenant,” Lady Barrington said softly. “The fountain in the drive is stunning, and the rooms seem a perfect size.”

“Allow me to introduce my father, Mr. Tobias Fotherby,” he continued as his father stepped into the room. “Father, this...

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