Chapter Twelve - An Excursion To Buxton (2)
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arrival of his uncle at Wanderford Hall and the displacing of the Chester household, each of whom he was sure would far rather have been in Saint Vincent than London. And it went a little way to explaining why his uncle had tried to establish a marriage between Miss Chester and himself.

Thanking his father, Fotherby left the room and walked to the stables, pacing the corridor between stalls as he awaited his uncle’s return. It was the giddy barking of his dogs that first alerted him to his uncle's arrival and Fotherby stepped out of the stable, into the courtyard, and watched as his uncle dismounted.

“Henry!” the old man called across. “I did not know you had wished to go riding. I would have waited for you. Though I do believe you would need one of the farm horses to keep your...

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