Chapter Twelve - An Excursion To Buxton (1)
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Wanderford Hall had been in the Fotherby family for over three hundred years, but in that time it had been extended, both in grounds and buildings, and on one occasion some one hundred and fifty years ago it had been attacked by the Roundheads and the house that had been granted by the Stanleys after Bosworth had lost one of the wings to a fire they started. Now it boasted a stunning front that caused Fotherby to smile slightly as he beheld it. Shuffling the sling bag that he carried on his shoulder he stepped down the broad drive, his long legs carrying him quickly to the house.

He did not knock but stepped into the hall. He was met almost at once by one of the servants who offered him a smile as he took the hat and coat from the young doctor, as well as the bag that he carried.


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