Chapter Eleven – The Bravest Heart (6)
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with them.”
“Of course,” Mrs. Tenterchilt said at once before her husband had time to say anything. “You are most welcome to stay.”
Portland snatched Fotherby’s wrist and looked across at him pleadingly. “Will you come with me, Lieutenant? Please?”
“You have no need to beg of me, sir.  Excuse me, Major Tenterchilt, ladies.” Without considering what he was doing in a manner most uncustomary, he leaned down and kissed Kitty’s hand before the pair rushed out of the room.
“That sounded bleak,” Major Tenterchilt remarked, more to himself than the rest of the room.
“Nonsense,” Mrs. Tenterchilt stated, but she was clearly as shaken as her husband. “I am certain it is something quite routine.”

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