Chapter Eleven – The Bravest Heart (5)
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admit to having no idea. She departed in my carriage a little before I left the house. She claimed she was going to find something for this evening and that I was to leave ahead of her. I find that I cannot refuse her command. You know, surely Major, that wives cannot be easily dissuaded from their plans.”
“Indeed I do,” Major Tenterchilt laughed slightly and gestured that the two younger gentlemen should follow him through to the drawing room. As they entered, Mrs. Tenterchilt, who had been discussing the menu with her housekeeper, turned to face them and at once her face lit up in a smile.
“Lord Barrington, it is so wonderful to welcome you into our home. But where is your wife? Where is Lady Barrington?”
“She will be arriving shortly, Mrs. Tenterchilt, I have no...

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