Chapter Eleven – The Bravest Heart (4)
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/> “Philip wants you to meet Cassandra,” she continued, the light returning once more to her eyes. “He wants you to marry her, but I have told him that you have already given your heart.” Fotherby felt his cheeks burning as she spoke and he looked away from her quickly. “So, come my dear Lieutenant Fotherby, for I have need of some happy news. Who is she?”
“I do not think,” he began, but stopped as she laughed slightly.
“A woman sees far more than a man in affairs of the heart. Is she a lady of high degree? Or perhaps she is already engaged?”
“Not that I am aware of, I assure you.”
“I am teasing you, only, Lieutenant.” She smiled as Fotherby swallowed back still more embarrassment.
“She is neither of th...

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