Chapter Eleven – The Bravest Heart (3)
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and handed it to her. “But if Miss Delphina is here still then I am certain another time can be arranged.”
“That is a worry for dear Philip,” she sighed as she lifted her gaze to his own. “We, none of us, know how long Delphina will be here.”
“Is it consumption?” Fotherby asked and was met with an expression of absolute heartbreak, while Lady Barrington nodded slowly.
“We think so. You knew, then? And yet you were not worried to let her take your arm?”
Fotherby shook his head slightly. “I chose a path that will take me to all manner of ailments, and I hope to help those afflicted, not flee from them.”
“You are a rare man, indeed, Lieutenant Fotherby.” She reached over and took his hand. “I see why Philip fo...

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