Chapter Eleven – The Bravest Heart (2)
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and her clear eyes in her pale face had enticed him, capturing his heart and his soul.
She was the last thing he considered before sleep claimed him and the first as he awoke in the morning. This peculiar daze that she had placed on him lingered as he washed and dressed, and he was only awoken from it when he heard a peculiar noise outside his door. He pulled it open and watched as the dog that had been lying down rose to its feet and gave a drawn out yawn while it stretched and padded past him and into the room.
“You must excuse Gulliver,” Mrs. Tenterchilt said softly as she stepped along the corridor. “He is so used to having the whole house to run in. But he is not normally so calm around strangers. Do you keep dogs in Derbyshire, Lieutenant?”
“My uncle...

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