Chapter Eleven – The Bravest Heart (1)
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Fotherby walked through London, watching as the carriages passed him by, amazed by the tireless yet mindless business that the capital bred. Indeed, he sought for anything to distract him from the imminent meeting, for he was concerned by what message awaited him when he reached Horse Guards. He arrived twenty minutes early and simply stared at the impressive and imposing building from the road at the front. When the church towers rang out midday he prepared to face Major Tenterchilt and whatever topic he wished to discuss. He was not surprised, therefore, to find the major walking purposefully toward him as he stepped into the building. Major Tenterchilt’s eyes narrowed as he regarded the young man before him but, recalling the correct etiquette, he bowed slightly. Fotherby felt compelled to do the same before he whisp...

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