Chapter Ten – Persephone and Rosanna (5)
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Fotherby, the better I like you. That is a rare thing to find in a man. But if we are to be friends, please do not address me as Lord Barrington. Call me Portland.”

“And what should I call Lady Barrington?”

“Rosanna,” she announced as she walked into the room. “That is the name my mother gave me. I have no doubt that Philip has already told you about her.”

“That is true,” Fotherby said softly. “But I cannot bring myself to address you with such vulgar familiarity. You are far higher in society than I.”

“You are a dear man, Lieutenant,” she whispered. “Then call me Mrs. Portland if you must, but I would rather you called me Rosanna.”

Lady Barrington had returned with Chilvers who was carrying a tr...

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