Chapter Ten – Persephone and Rosanna (3)
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was halted a little in front of him.

“I cannot believe it,” a voice announced as the inhabitant of the carriage leapt down without waiting for the assistance of the driver or the footman. “Lieutenant Fotherby? Whatever are you doing here?”

In his mind, Fotherby had tried to understand what this place was that his captain had pointed him to. He had considered whether it was a military venue, or perhaps it was linked with his ambition in surgery. The one possibility he could never have guessed was the one that presented him with the face before him.

“Lord Barrington,” Fotherby whispered, smiling in a confused manner, “I do not understand.”

“You do not understand, Fotherby?” Portland laughed. “I do not understand. Surely it cannot be coinci...

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