Chapter Ten – Persephone and Rosanna (2)
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for the night. He placed the card on the desk and sat looking at it as though it were alive and an animal he did not trust. He turned as there was a knock at the door and he stepped over to open it. Manny looked across at him and gave a brief smile as he lifted a jug.

“I have brought you some water, sir.”

“Thank you, Manny.” Fotherby stood back to allow him in. Manny walked in and set the jug down on the washstand before he bowed his head and turned to leave. “Do you know that address, Manny?”

“Sir?” the servant began. Fotherby handed him the card and Manny shook his head. “I cannot read, sir.”

Fotherby paused, unsure how to respond.

“Are you truly Mr. Fotherby’s nephew, sir?” Manny asked.


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