Chapter Ten – Persephone and Rosanna (1)
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Fotherby wasted little time as Peters left him, but began walking in the direction of Mayfair. After arriving at the house of Sir Manfred Chester so late on the last two occasions he had been a house guest he was determined to arrive at a civilised time. He reached the white fronted house in the late afternoon and paused at the steps, uncertain that he should presume to simply arrive there. He walked across the road, rebuking himself for his lack of etiquette. He still carried the card that Peters had given him and he wondered at what the address was. It was for somewhere in Westminster and he was on the point of returning into the city when he turned at the sound of his name.

“Henry! You have come back to us. You must come in at once.”

“Miss Chester,” Fotherby began, feel...

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