Chapter Nine – The Return To England (4)
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a dark, large fronted building which had been boarded up. Indeed he was alone in the road, and could see no other soul, nor evidence of one.

He was completely lost, he realised, having no idea where he had walked nor for how long. He circled and took in the desolate emptiness of where he was and wondered what had happened to turn this into such a barren place. The door of the house opposite, having no latch to secure it, clattered against its frame. Except for this, there was near silence in world. Perhaps the most surprising thing of all was how unafraid he felt, for he just sat down in one of the doorways and considered the journey which had brought him here. Not only the steps he had taken to reach this run down building, but his journey through the war, his friendship with Lord Barrington, hi...

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