Chapter Nine – The Return To England (3)
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Fotherby. I wish for you to visit Cornwall when you are able.”

“Thank you. Though I cannot envisage a time when I will be free of this place, I should very much enjoy visiting you in your home. I am sorry you are leaving, Lord Barrington. I shall have to fend off Kitson’s moods and Peters’ drunkenness without respite now.”

“I think you have a patron in your captain, Fotherby. And, furthermore, I am convinced you will do better with him in my absence.”

Fotherby bowed his head slightly. “You have spoken to him.”

“He has talked at me, Fotherby. But I assured him of my respect for you and I am not willing to compromise that by discussing my views of your officer in this way. But promise me, when time allows you will hunt out Barrington Manor.&r...

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