Chapter Eight – An Unlikely Promotion (3)
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and white marbled hallway. “You look perfect,” she said, placing her hand on the bright red coat he was now wearing. He took her small hand and kissed it before he followed her eyes now resting on the young man at his side. She was smiling shamelessly across at him while he lowered his gaze to the floor.


“Are you sure that it is I who look perfect, my dear?” the major laughed. “Come through to the garden. Today is a day too pleasant to be indoors.” He watched as Arabella nodded and stood while Roger Pottinger met her gaze and offered his arm which she took graciously. The major walked through the house followed by the young couple who, in turn, were followed by Rose Pottinger. His wife had gone to visit one of her friends, Mrs. Darling, to share the ne...

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