Chapter Eight – An Unlikely Promotion (1)
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The former Captain Tenterchilt had endured a Christmas and New Year with his wife’s family, feeling like an outclassed relation in his own home. It had not been of Mrs. Tenterchilt’s making, indeed he had never had any cause to question the loyalty of his wife for, while in private she deplored his new pastime, she would never speak ill of her husband in front of anyone, even her brother. The only soul she might ever have discussed such concerns with was her maid who was too experienced to let a word leave her mouth that had been told to her in confidence. There was little wonder then that when Rupert Jenkyns departed almost a year to the day after he had arrived, and Timothy Jenkyns left a week later, Mr. Tenterchilt had been relieved beyond measure. This was noted by Mrs. Tenterchilt who felt responsib...

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