Chapter Seven - Fulfilling a Dream (5)
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when I am next in London I shall seek you out. Good day, Mr. Tenterchilt.” Fotherby and the former captain bowed formally to one another with wishes for the others health before Fotherby continued on his journey.

Via Dover and Ostend, Fotherby journeyed back toward where he had expected to find his regiment, but the war which had rested over winter was once again underway so that it took the young doctor a further two weeks to negotiate his way towards his comrades. Having no horse, he had to walk or borrow lifts on carts, through Ghent and along the river through Tournai until he reached York’s men on 30th April as they marched on to Willems.

At the rear of the column marched the women who followed their men to war and it was past these women that Fotherby hurried. The light ste...

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