Chapter Seven - Fulfilling a Dream (4)
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kitchen staff prepare something at once, sir.”

“Thank you,” Fotherby replied and turned as Persephone appeared at the door to the room where he had first met her last night.

“Good Lord, Henry,” she began with a laugh, “you do not have to talk to them, you know. Come and tell Father and me how you faired today.” She beckoned him into the room and showed him to the same chair he had occupied the previous night. “It was a success, was it not? I can tell by your eyes.”

“Indeed,” Fotherby whispered. The smile on his face had slipped somewhat as he considered the words that he had shared with the footman and how dismissive Persephone had been of him. “I have been accepted into Surgeons’ Hall and intend to leave at once to rejoin t...

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