Chapter Six - Who We Truly Are (3)
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long ago it seems now.”

“My dear Rosanna would not last long here. She did not consent to marry me because I was in the army. In fact, I enlisted after I married her.”

“Did she not object to you enlisting and leaving her?”

“If she had done, Fotherby, I should not have done it. She commands me first and foremost, and the king commands second to her. You do not seem as surprised as I would have expected.”

“Peters told me you did not have the respect for the laws that the army upholds,” Fotherby replied, shrugging his shoulders. “But all I have seen suggested that he was incorrect, until now.”

“You must meet her one day, Fotherby. Then you will understand. It is her eyes that command, for they are as hypnotic as t...

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