Chapter Five - Resignation and Acquisition (5)
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a promotion to the rank of major. As Mr. Tenterchilt stopped at the high iron railings of his beautiful home, he sighed heavily. This wound, that had rendered him useless to the army and worthless in society, had been inflicted solely because he had gone to the aid of Captain Pottinger.

For countless minutes he stood outside the house, simply staring at it. When, some minutes later, he witnessed a gentleman leaving by coach he felt curiosity overcome his self-pity and he walked awkwardly into the house.

“My dear,” Elizabeth began at once. “I am so pleased that you have returned at this opportune moment, for Uncle Rupert is trying to convince me that dear Papa’s estate is close to the coast. Yet I know it to be close to Malton,” she continued, as she guided him into a room w...

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