Chapter Five - Resignation and Acquisition (2)
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turned away and walked out of the tent and into the evening sunshine of the day beyond. The skies of northern France were filled with pinks and oranges with no blue to be seen and Fotherby smiled to himself as he beheld them. Finding beauty in the world had become a necessity after seeing the cruel butchery that man could do to man. When, at times, the horrors of his job became too much for him to bear he would consider the beauty of nature and the love that one man could carry for another.

He did not know where he might find Mrs. Tenterchilt but wandered through what remained of the camp until, at last, he found her seated upon a low stool at the opening to a tent. Her gaze wandered over a great distance, but took in none of the beauty around her. She was gazing over time and looking back into history wit...

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