Chapter Four - Modern Medicine at the Fall of Valenciennes (1)
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The overwhelming heat of the summer sun had been beating down on the British troops, many of whom had abandoned their jackets and, as the stalemate of siege warfare stretched on, had resorted to drilling with their collars open and without their hats. This, of course, depended greatly on who their officer was and whether or not they were being observed by a senior ranked officer. In all, each of the men, though pleased to be escaping the blood and death of battle, were becoming tired of waiting. Conversations were shared in hushed voices over the Austrians’ intentions in delaying the siege for no man could understand why they had not built upon the victory at Famars. Two officers sharing one such conversation were Captains Tenterchilt and Pottinger.

“They have more in common with the French than they have w...

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