Chapter Three - A Man Beyond Saving (4)
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Peters demanded without turning around.

“Nothing, sir. Though,” he faltered, unsure about talking to his superior officer about the man he had just encountered, but equally unsure that he could find sound medical advice from anyone. “There is a man. He is plagued by nightmares and reacts to the events of his subconscious.”

Peters turned to face him and frowned across. “One of Lieutenant Portland’s men? I told you, my boy, stay clear of him.”

“But Cullington, sir. Surely we should help him, no matter who his officer is.”

“Send him home.”

“That was what I said,” Fotherby whispered, and backed up his words with a despondent sigh. “But he would be sent home in disgrace.”

“This is the army, Fotherby. We a...

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