Chapter Two - The Journey To War (3)
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seem to have a great purpose this morning, Mrs. Pottinger,” Elizabeth remarked softly.

“And indeed I do, Mrs. Tenterchilt,” Anne replied with a most winning smile. “But where is Captain Tenterchilt going in such haste?”

“He leaves every morning to assemble his company, hoping that today His Highness The Duke will allow him the chance to lead his company into Valenciennes.”

“He is indeed committed to his men. It is a shame, is it not, that it is at the expense of their wives that these military men can be so committed to their duty?” Anne sighed, emphasising her point. “Still, I do wish Elias would be as diligent in his devotion to his company as Josiah is to his own.”

Elizabeth smiled slightly as she turned to look once more in the...

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