Chapter 1: Introduction (1)
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“You’ve got mail!” A robotic voice called out.

                What started out as a joke with her friends Carrie and Danielle, changed to a reminder of the easier days for Ashley. The days of staying up late with friends, chilling with her friends, playing games, and of course going to school. The 90s were the days where Ashley had no worries. Like others she wished away those years. Those years before the accident, before life bitch slapped her in the face.

                Throughout school, students were warned over and over again about making smart choices. How one fuckup could drastically change their life. Sadly, many teens all think the same damn thing.  That nothing will ever happen to them. In their minds they were Gods, Ashley was the same until the night of her 18th birthday. Scared of their futures, Carrie and Danielle wanted to throw a party, they will never forget. And that’s exactly what they did.

                In the early hours after Ashley’s party, Ashley’s car struck a guard rail, killing Carrie and Danielle. Thus giving a memory that will haunt Ashley for years. She was charged with DUI, intoxication being the probable cause for the accident. Luckily for her parent’s attorney, Ashley’s charge was less extreme. Community service plus her license was suspended for a couple of years. Driving was the last item on her to do list. Day and night she was tormented by her thoughts, ‘why let her live, but not her friends?’

                Her promising future, now only seemed like a fantasy. Her professor almost dropped Ashley out of the pre-med program. If it wasn’t for his caring heart, she would be looking for a new major. Professor Metcaf, spent hours talking to her mom. His motto had always been to a make sure no student was left behind. Meaning he wasn’t going to let a student like Ashley fuck up her future. Metcaf had cases similar to Ashley’s a promising student falling into the dark over an incident. Each time he was able to help them get over the hump and Ashley was not going to be his first failure.

                “Ms. Dunhim, I’m very concerned about Ashley, she hasn’t been to class in weeks. If this continues I will be forced to drop Ashley out of pre-med. I can recommend her top of the line therapists, that she can talk to.”

                Hearing the news scared Ashley’s mom. As any parent would, she wanted the best for her daughter. Having a shitty childhood herself made it worse. The last thing her mom wanted was for Ashley to end up in an abusive relationship and end up dead in the news. She called Ashley later that night. As usual her daughter said very little, showing as little care as possible. Lately talking to Ashley was talking to a brick wall. Nothing seemed to register in her brain and it hurt. Her last effort was to bribe her daughter, and it worked. For one hundred dollars, Ashley needed to make an appointment with a therapist on Metcaf’s list. And see them for a couple of sessions. If Ashley’s mom was lucky the therapy would help and there would be reason to extend the bribery to her mom.

                Ashley checked her email before class started. She received a message from her therapist Dr. Kemp, her appointment was tomorrow at 4pm. Ashely still couldn’t believe her mom talked her into seeing a therapist. If she was in her shoes, her mom would have a hard time coping as well. People need time if only her mom understood. She was sure her over concerned professor was behind it. ‘Maybe I don’t want to be a doctor anymore? Okay?’  It’s hard to turn down cash though.

                “You’ve got mail!”

                Ashley put her phone on silent, didn’t want to get caught texting during class. Some professors felt like disrupting class was as bad as murder. ‘Relax, some people may have a life outside of class.’  She scrolled to her messages, another email from her therapist. Dr. Kemp had a cancellation and wanted to see if she could make change her appointment for today. It would be right after class. She replied letting him know, she could make the appointment today.

                The more she thought about going to see the therapist. The more uneasy she began to feel. Who knows what Dr. Kamp will want to talk to her about. Maybe lock up her up in the chair and shock her. ‘Okay so what I watched too much horror!’ All she was thinking about was if therapy was pleasant, then why are so many forced into therapy? Take chocolate for instance, no one was ever forced into eating it because it was pleasant and tasty.

                The class was supposed to start five minutes ago, but still no Metcaf. Which was very odd, he never missed any classes. He was never late, one reason why many changed classes. Some students couldn’t deal with his discipline. Ashley looked around the room, watching students stare at the clock. Waiting for that special moment, when they can leave.

                Her phone vibrated. ‘WTF! This better not be the therapist again.’  She scrolled to her messages and thankfully it was not her therapist. ‘What a relief.’  She didn’t recognize the email address, but Ashley wasn’t the type to just pass by messages just in case it was something important. She clicked on the message, nothing looked suspicious, there was no strange links in it. Only one attachment which was an image. She clicked to download the image, guessing she wasn’t going to get a virus from the image. The file must have been larger since it was taken a bit to download it. Of course it didn’t help...Continue Reading

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