That Morning
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That morning, it was so early, the sun had only begun to rise. It was Spring and it was still cool in the mornings. There was the banging on the door, because of the ferocity of this banging any banging for years to come would through me into a panic. I was startled awake, the worse way to wake up. My Father went to answer, and apparently, he was not fast enough. Did you know they broke the door down? I remember most how loud they were, and how cruel they were to my Father. There was no reason to be so demeaning. He was barely dressed. They woke him from sleep and made him get down to handcuff him. They made fun of him when he told them he used to be in the United States Army, it made me hate them so much. They yelled at him to get dressed. My Dad was my hero, the strongest, kindest, brav...

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