Death and Memory
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The death of my Nani*. To say it's hard to write about someone you admire is an understatement. Especially after they pass. You feel as though you can never truly relay the important place they held and still do hold in your heart. Never do their memory justice with mere words. I have avoided even thinking or talking about her as much as I know I want to. Mostly out of fear of the emotions the memories may evoke.

One of my first memories of her was shopping at a shoe store, my Nani was young and beautiful. This is when I remember she asked me to call her Ami Jaan (or mother dear) because she was too young to be a Grandmother. Another memory was getting to help her with the kheer ** she would make and place in the refrigerator in clay pots. I remember spending time with her in the...

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Table of Contents

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