New Year, What it Takes to Make Resolutions
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It was the late 90’s, 1997, freshman year of high school. My too young to have a teenager Dad, who I believe was around 34 at that time, took me, my sisters and my friends downtown in the white Dodge minivan. It was New Year’s Eve. We had pizza at home with my Mom and baby sister and being the cool kid, I was, I wanted to go downtown and see fireworks. Like most plans we made as kids and teenagers, this was ill-formed and spur of the moment. No specific destination, a thrilling idea, and of course no parking. I can’t quite remember what song was playing on the radio as the New Year rang in.  But I remember thinking I would never forget that moment. That feeling, that song. I think the song was New Year’s Day by U2. It was and is a song that has the ability to provoke a rene...

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